Foods that Make Your Boobs Bigger Naturally

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Bigger, firmer and fuller boobs are often associated with other things like attractiveness and fertility in a woman. That is why many women want to increase the size of their boobs. However, surgery may not be affordable for all women and padded bras do not really offer a long-term solution…

So how to make your boobs bigger naturally? is there no other way to increase the size of your boobs? Well, the quick answer to that is yes. You will be surprised to learn that eating some foods regularly can help you acquire bigger, fuller and firmer boobs.

Foods that Make Your Boobs Bigger Naturally

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These foods are rich in Phytoestrogens and act as estrogen inside your body. If you do not already know, estrogen is the hormone that is responsible for the development of your boobs. By increasing the levels of estrogen in your system, you can see a significant difference in the size of your boobs.

List Of Foods that Make Your Boobs Bigger Naturally

Let us look at some of the foods that make your boobs bigger.

a. Fennel

Many women consume fennel, especially when they are in the nursing phase. Fennel not only increases the size of the breasts but also helps a nursing mother produce more milk.

You can eat it without any additives or add it to your sandwiches and salads. After eating it on a regular basis for a few months, you will definitely notice an increase in your breast size…

b. Fenugreek

Fenugreek is not only an effective solution to grow larger breasts, but it is also known to heal a number of other health problems related to women. In ancient times, harem girls used it to grow fuller and bigger breasts.

Fenugreek is also used in a number of medicinal products that deal with fluctuating estrogen levels. It causes your breasts to retain water and thus makes them look bigger.

c. Essential fats

Essential fats or good fats are also among the foods that make your boobs bigger. Eat adequate amounts of olives, almonds, walnuts and avocados if you wish for your boobs to grow bigger as the fats in these foods will surely have an impact.

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d. Saw palmetto

Saw palmetto is a herb that increases the estrogen levels in the body, especially in the case of menopausal women. Earlier it was used to remove excess facial hair from different parts of the body but the same women also reported a noticeable increase in their breast sizes. Thereafter, the herb’s breast enhancing properties were discovered and today many women consume it for bigger, fuller breasts.

e. Cherries

Cherries are rich in estrogen and fiber. Besides that, they are delicious to eat and can be consumed without any additives. However, avoid canned cherries as sugar will only add to your mass and do little for your boobs.

Opt for fresh cherries that are not contaminated with any additives and eating them regularly will definitely help you acquire bigger boobs.

f. Papaya

Papayas also have high levels of estrogen and play a significant role in reducing the testosterone levels in your body. Apart from that, they are also rich in vitamins and minerals. They may not be as readily available but if you are looking for foods that make your boobs bigger, papayas are the ideal solution.

g. Pomegranate

The estrogen and antioxidants in pomegranates are an excellent solution to bigger boobs and a number of other things – they bring a glow to your skin and they also fight cancer cells. Eat pomegranates if you wish to live healthy apart from looking sexy…

h. Apples

Apples contain 126 calories with a noticeable amount of vitamin C and dietary fiber. Apart from this, apples are also rich in estrogen and it serve as one of the easiest ways to increase breast size, more so because they are easily available.


The natural way to acquiring bigger boobs is not only the easiest way but also the safest. Now that you know of some of the foods that make your boobs bigger, do not forget to add them to your daily diet..

However, do not be impatient because each of these foods will take some time to show you the desired results. Continue to consume them diligently and within a few months, you will have the boobs you have always dreamed of – without any surgery and without any padded bras.

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  1. anthony says:

    do they work on men

  2. Angela says:

    I have tiny boobs for my age and I really dont want to spend all of my money with surgery or risk using pills on creams. Its great to know that there a natural way to make my tit-lets bigger. I think Im going to go with apples. Theres always a surplus of them in my house

  3. gymgal says:

    Yeah, I turning eleven soon, and I am the only flat chested girl IN MY GRADE! That is so sad!!! :{( I’ll try the apples, cherries and papaya( If I can get my mom to buy them). Thank you for information!:{)

    • halle says:

      Hi gymgal i have the same problem but im 13…. :( All my friends make fun of me because im flat and i really hate it…i mean they joke about it with me but it hurts….i woudnt ever tell them though but yah. I love apples i hope it works :/ Good luck 2 you :)

      • heather says:

        Hi gymgal i am 12 and i have the same problem and i dont like any of these but everyone makes fun of me and i hate it… Even some of my friends and friendimes do and i hate them for that i hope i can do this :{

    • ashleyaloisia says:

      You are 10/11. You really dont have to worry about getting bigger boobs. Mine didnt start growing untill i was in 7th grade (yet they still are small :( )while u r probably only in 5th! I’m not trying to be mean, but sweetie you really don’t have to worry about this kind of stuff. Wait about 1-2 years, then they might start to grow. Once you hit highschool an your not happy with them, start trying methods like these then. Not when you are still a little child

  4. ashleyaloisia says:

    I think i’ll try apples. It kind of sucks being a teen and having people think you have nice boobs, but really you have to wear a extra bra :(

  5. BeeCup says:

    … You kiddies are 10 and 11 years old?! I am 22. I am still small. My advice is to eat these things during puberty because I think it will only get harder as you grow older. I’ve been looking for growing remedies for years! Diet and exercise is one of the best things I can find.. unfortunately..

  6. AshleyW says:

    Im 19 and im a 32 a wish I could gain bigger chest I get attention from my good looks but I don’t wanna have a small chest for ever I wanna feel sexy about myself I get jealous of my family who have big breast n they talk about me like u don’t eat do u but I do eat. But the stuff I seen listed ima eat more of:)

  7. jessii green says:

    this really does work so be sure to try them all i was an 32A and now im a 34C you do have to wait a month but it works

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